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Honors Program

Honors at The U
Small classes. Engaging instructors. Lasting friendships.

If you're academically talented and highly motivated, USD's Honors Program is for you. The Honors Program provides you with a participatory, get-involved education that promotes the exchange of ideas and the development of personal passion for future endeavors.   

In addition to the courses in your chosen field, you'll take one honors course a semester where you'll learn to digest complex issues, cultivate an opinion, persuasively share your conclusions in writing and discussion and develop the skills needed to give you a competitive advantage  - no matter what your career. 

  • The Honors Program is open to students in all majors
  • Most Honors students apply for and are admitted to the program before entering as first year students.
  • There are no extra costs associated with enrollment in the Honors Program.
  • Generally you must have displayed potential for Honors work in high school through good grades, college preparatory curriculum, high ACT scores and participation in school and community activities.
  • Successful applicants typically score a 27 or above on the ACT and rank in the top 15% of their class. 
  • Others with special experiences, talents or academic interests are encouraged to apply - all applications are reviewed for achievement and potential.
Honors Program Application

Additional information and the Honors online application are available through the Honors Program web site.

Honors students at The U. The Honors Program is open to academically talented and highly motivated students in all majors.

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